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Your artist bio will allow you to grab the interest of readers and make them understand what makes you and your artwork unique.

So be sure you take the time to craft a profile that does your work justice!

Create your artist bio as a chance to frame the lens through which your work is viewed.

The perfect opening sentence

The shorter the artist bio, the better. It’s better to keep things concise online if you want your message to be understood and your reader to read the entire profile.

Every sentence matters.

If you want to get your reader hooked on your profile then make sure you have an effective opening sentence. It tells them who you are and what is special and unique about your art or creation process. It can be as simple as your name, your preferred medium and your art style.

Try to include the subject matter of your paintings in your bio. For example If you usually paint landscapes of a particular region then make sure this is included in your first sentence.

The tone matters

We would like to make the tone in which we present you to the website audience conversational and personal. We want readers to feel closer to the artist they are buying art from. Try to convey, through the way you write your bio, your personality.

It is also important not to alienate the audience with technical art jargon, write in such a way that an average person that does not know the art jargon will be able to understand.

Describe your work

Describe the style your work fits into, the techniques you like to use or prefer and any interesting information that will make the audience understand your creation process.

You are trying to let the reader know that you and your work are unique. You want to share with them what defines and characterises your art.

This can also be done through the message that your art is conveying. Try to share this message with your reader.

Personal information about yourself will be helpful to make the reader feel connected. You need not share everything about yourself but be aware that people will connect to a piece of art better with a little bit of personal information.