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How to create an art guide article

by | Oct 3, 2021

Writing articles for the website will help you and all of us reach out to our customers and keep them engaged with us. It will also help us reach out to new customers since the more diversified the content is on our website the more we will improve our SEO ratings (Search Engine Optimisation) which allows us to be seen on Google searches.

If you wish to submit an article we have made it really easy for you. Just click use the Submit an Art Guide Article form and write up your text. We will review it and get back to you within 3 days to confirm if we can publish the article as is or if it requires review.

Write an Art Guide Article

Write an article, if it get’s approved and published you get a special feature on our homepage.

Here are some categories of articles we would like to have on our website

  • Buying art
  • Trends
  • Myths unraveled
  • First art purchase

Here are some tips on how to write an article


Step 1 – Grab the reader’s attention.

There are a few ways to hook your reader from the start. You can be empathetic (“Don’t you hate it when…?”), or tell a story, so the reader immediately feels some emotional resonance with the piece. You could tell a joke (“Ha! This is fun. Let’s read more of this.”). You could shock the reader with a crazy fact or stat (“Whoa. That’s crazy. I must know more!”).

Step 2 – Present the reason for the post’s existence.

Your post needs to have a purpose. The purpose of this post is to address a specific problem — the pain in the butt that is writing intros.

Step 3 – Explain how the post will help address the problem that brought your reader to it.

Now that the reader is presented with a problem that he or she can relate to — and obviously wants a solution — it’s time to let the audience know what the post will provide, and quickly.

In other words, the introduction should set expectations.

The post content

  1. Write and outline
  2. Write the post
  3. Proof read and edit
  4. Choose a featured image which is visually appealing and relevant to your post

Choose a Title

  1. Start with your working title.
  2. As you start to edit your title, keep in mind that it’s important to keep the title accurate and clear.
  3. Then, work on making your title sexy — whether it’s through strong language, alliteration, or another literary tactic.
  4. If you can, optimise for SEO by sneaking some keywords in there (only if it’s natural, though!).
  5. Finally, see if you can shorten it at all. No one likes a long, overwhelming title — remember, Google prefers 65 characters or fewer before it truncates it on its search engine results pages.

Write a conclusion

The conclusion is a succinct summary of what you have shared above.