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Now it is time to submit the work you will be showcasing and selling on the website. The Artwork submission form will collect the following information about your work:

  • Categorise your artwork by theme, style, technique and colour;
  • Provide all the information related to the artwork that will help with the sale such as price, size, description of the work;
  • And finally and most importantly images of the work. Please read our Image Requirements to make sure your pictures look great on the website.

Note that it is up to YOU to tell customers why they should buy your artwork. Provide detailed descriptions and don’t be afraid to get your authentic voice and style across in how you market your art.

Your artwork can fall in one of these 3 categories

  1. One of Kind: The artwork is an original there is only one of these created
  2. Multiple of a Kind: The artwork has been reproduced X amount of times and you will be selling Y amount of copies/prints of this artwork
  3. Multiple of a Kind with colour variations: This artwork has been reproduced X amount of times in a particular colour variation and you will be selling Y amount of copies/prints of this artwork for the given colour variation.

The Artwork Submission form explained in detail

Section – Artwork details

The field numbers on the image given below are visible in the Artwork Submission Form, so you will be able relate the fields explained here with those in the submission form.

artwork submission form explained

1 – Pictures of your Artwork

  • 1 high quality picture of your artwork.
  • Since sizes can vary, please ensure the images are high-quality (min 72 dpi). We will crop them to size for you.

Check out our Image requirements so that you are sure to get it right.

2 – Gallery images

In addition to the main picture of the Artwork (field 1). These images are there to give more detail on the artwork. The admin will also create an image to show the proportions of the artwork placed on a wall.

Provide at least 2 pictures of a detail on the artwork.

Check out our Image requirements so that you are sure to get it right.

3 – Artwork name, year of completion and Artist Name

4 – Artwork details

  1. Style: The style of the artwork
  2. Technique: the technique used to create the artwork
  3. Artwork Dimensions
    • Input the actual dimensions or the Artwork in centimetres in the order: Length x Width x Depth.
    • The longest size will always be the Length.
  4. Artwork Orientation
    • Portrait, Landscape, Square, Round, Free Form, Other
  5. Ready to hang
    • Yes = the artwork can be hung on a wall and has the required hooks/strings or other attachments to be able to do so.
    • No = the artwork either does not have the required attachments to allow it to hang on a wall or it cannot be hung on a wall at all (example a free standing sculpture).
  6. Free standing
    • Yes = the artwork is free standing.
    • No = the artwork is not free standing.
  7. Framed
    • Yes = the artwork is framed.
    • No = the artwork is not framed.
  8. Signed
    • Yes = the artwork is signed by the artist.
    • No = the artwork is not signed by the artist.

5 – Price

This is the retail price that will be displayed to the customer in South African Rands (ZAR).

6 – Quote

  • Write a personalised quote that describes what inspired you to create the artwork, or something you would like to highlight about it.
  • Maximum 20 words.

7 – Short description

  • Write a short description of the artwork.
  • Between 50 and 80 words.

Section – Categorise your Artwork

In this section you will need to provide information about the artwork that will categorise it so that our customers can use the shop filters to narrow down their selection. You will need to

  • Category – this is the main category under which your artwork can be found such as is it a Painting or a Sculpture
  • Theme – this is defined by what the artwork is representing (for example a painting of a cat would be in a theme Animals)
  • Style – this is the style of the painting such as Abstract or Pop Art
  • Technique – this is the technique(s) used such as for example Acrylic
  • Colour – here you should choose the main colours used for the artwork. Try not to select more that 3.

Section – Packaging

In this section you will provide information regarding how the artwork needs to be packaged. Remember to check the packaging guide to ensure you understand the packaging requirements before filling in this information

Section – Artist Biography

This section requires no new in put since it is using information we have already collected from you when submitting your artist profile.

How to upload artwork
How to upload artwork

8 – Your Artist biography

You will have already created all this information when creating your artist profile, it will simply display here.

9 – Your products

Every product you have submitted will show here


We hope it was helpful in uploading your art online. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us through our Support Ticket system.