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How it works

you are just a few steps away from selling your art online!



Fill in the enquiry form. Let us know who you are, what art you make and we will let you know if your style fits our customers.


Consignment Contract

We sign a contract with you. We are transparent in our responsabilites toward representing you.


You upload your Artist Profile and your art. This is done online with easy tools and we guide you all the way during the process with detailed documentation and personalised support


We take care of the sale process .


What happens once my artwork is sold ?

You are immediately informed of the sale

The moment the customer buys your artwork you will receive an email informing you of the sale. This will give you enough time to ensure you are ready to ship your work.

Package the artwork

We have defined guidelines on how you should package your artwork to ensure it arrives without damages. When shipped to the customer all artwork will be sent in fit-to-size boxes so as to ensure it arrives safely.


We will arrange for the pick-up so you need not worry about shipping arrangements .

We strive to offer you quality service throughout your interaction with us. If you have any questions that you might not find an answer for please don’t hesitate to contact us